Thursday, April 14, 2016

Notes from the Garden: February/ March 2016

Caroline and Valerie were gardening with 3rd and 4th classes in February.  They left the potatoes in the class room  for two weeks. Then in March, a few weeks later, they went in to the school to plant the potatoes out in the vegetable patch having sprouted while inside. The 3rd and 4th classes planted some onions and garlic which will hopefully to be harvested in June.

Jane, Vanessa and myself were  gardening in March with the infants. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the children were in great form. With their yogurt pots in hand, we half filled them with seedling compost, sprinkled in some lettuce seeds, covered them with compost and watered them. They are lined up in the conservatory in the school to grow into seedlings. Senior infants helped to re-plant our lovely daffodils around the patio area to brighten it up with Easter fun day approaching.

Clare O'Callaghan