Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Notes from the Garden: May 2016

Caroline and I were gardening with 2nd and 3rd classes this month. G.I.Y provided us with ready-to-plant packs with cress, pea and kale. The warm, sunny weather was ideal conditions for planting. At the new outdoor classroom, the children put compost into the provided G.I.Y cartons and choose their vegetable of choice. They pushed down the seeds and watered them.

The teachers have kindly taken all these cartons indoors to allow our seedlings grow at the right temperatures. G.I.Y grow packs had an easy to follow project for the children so they could keep tabs on how fast their seedlings are growing and to put the results in to a graph.

5th and 6th classes helped us paint two pallets which we are going to use as a walled herb garden to display at the outdoor classroom area. Next month, 6th classes are going to plant herbs into pots and wire them to the pallets to start our herb wall. We got stuck into some weeding too as they are popping out from everywhere.

The Garden committee went in at the end of May to do a big clean up. We used bark to cover areas to keep down weeds and of course this works as a good mulcher too. We did some weeding around the growing vegetables which are all blooming at the moment. The lettuce, onions, potatoes are growing really well as are the rhubarb and fruit trees. We look forward to harvesting next month.