Thursday, May 15, 2014

Notes from the garden...Summer 2014

The summer has arrived and the garden is looking great with the newly painted wooden bench and the fairy doors.

The new fruit cage has some new additions, planted by Third and Fourth Class last month. After preparing the bed with compost and 5 year old horse manure(which the kids thought was a bit stinky!), we planted blackberry trees, raspberry trees and a gooseberry tree. We also put in some strawberries so we look forward to September when we can harvest them.

The vegetable garden in the back is coming along nicely. The scallions and onions are in full growth and nearly ready to be harvested! The broad beans look very healthy too.

The Junior and Senior Infants made a drill and put in their potatoes which they had prepared. Thanks to Mr. Busher for looking after the potatoes in the classroom before we planted them out.
They are looking good now and the plants have shown their heads. We rebuilt the drill last week with soil to allow the potatoes to grow underneath.

First and Second Class grew peas and sweet peas from seed and kindly Ms. Mc Dougald made sure they were watered while they were in the class room. We planted them out last month. The sweet peas are up against the wall in the back and the peas are in the vegetable area. We staked them with bamboo to help them grow tall and straight. They are looking well but a little shaky. Hopefully they will take off now the weather is warmer. We are feeding them with vegetable feeder as they are hungry plants!
I will update you all next month with our new plans for the garden and to let you all know what we have harvested from the vegetable garden.
Thanks to Caroline Breen and Caitriona for all your help.

       Clare O'Callaghan