Monday, June 16, 2014

Notes from the Garden, June 2014

The garden is really thriving in this sunny/rainy weather. It is perfect for the vegetables and fruit trees with enough sun to grow and rain to keep them hydrated. The lettuce and onions are ready to be harvested just before the Sports/BBQ Day so enjoy the salad!

Junior and Senior Infants enthusiastically planted their sunflower seeds in yogurt pots with Caroline and I last Wednesday. They will plant them in their own garden for the summer so they can enjoy watching them grow. Orla Murphy read them some Ronald Dahl stories sitting on the newly painted benches under the trees.

1st and 2nd Class made“Creepio” the scarecrow with Caitriona and I. He is going to keep the birds away from eating the fruit and peas as they grow during the summer. They had fun clearing the weeds from the peas and sweet peas. The snails and slugs are having a munch on the sweet pea so we put down some porridge oats around them as they don’t like walking over the roughness of the oats. You can use egg shells or coffee granules too.

5th and 6th Class are going to Wyse park next week with Caitriona, Diane and I, to harvest all the herbs that Fern helped them plant last September. They will get to bring them home and cook something nice with them.

Have a lovely summer and we can look forward to harvesting our strawberries, blackberries and raspberries with 4thand 5th class in September.

       Clare O’Callaghan