Monday, October 13, 2014

Notes from the garden: October 2014

Well, the Garden Committee are back after the summer to do a few fun things with the children. During the summer, we kept the weeds at bay, cultivated the onions and potatoes and watered the sweet pea and fruit trees. At this time of year, we are clearing out the beds ready for winter.

Junior Infants
All the Junior Infants were out gardening this week digging up potatoes much to their delight! We also planted some hyacinths bulbs for spring time. We even got Mrs. Mc Sweeney and Dawn to plant a few!

Senior Infants
All the Senior Infants and Mrs. Mc Dougald were helping to build an Insect Hotel. The children set off around the garden to gather straw, old flower pots, twigs, leaves to make a nice cosy environment for the insects such as spiders, butterflies, bees, wasps, beetles, and lacewings. All these creatures help fertilise the garden and aerate the soil.

Next week we plan to plant some apple trees from Mount Congreve Nursery with 1st/ 2nd Class and 3rd/4th Class as well as carving out some pumpkins for Halloween.

           Clare O'Callaghan