Thursday, May 21, 2015

Notes from the Garden: April 2015 - Mobile Garden Project

Green fingers you have?
Caitriona in the Garden committee started off the first of our Newtown Junior School Mobile Garden Projects last Thursday on a beautiful sunny day.

5th and 6th Classes took part using recycled orange wooden boxes and a black plastic bag as a liner. They filled it with good compost and it was then ready for their selection of vegetables.

Prepping the orange boxes for planting

The best to grow at this time of year and to be left outside is onions, shallots, garlic and beetroot. We also planted carrots and tomatoes which were left in the classroom for warmth until they grow as seedlings. We will plant these out in about four weeks when they are hardy and hopefully it is a bit warmer!

So we now have 31 orange boxes full of hopeful vegetables by the wall in the school garden for all to see and enjoy as they start to grow. Thanks Mrs. Mc Sweeney for letting us take over the garden!

In the next coming weeks the Garden committee will give some herbs and lettuce to add to their boxes with instructions.  Do you fancy growing your own vegetable box? Check out part 2 of the April blog!

 Plant your mobile garden in a wooden fruit crate,
Then take it back home with you to decorate,
Keep your growing journal, watch and wait…
In June take a photo, that would be GREAT!

Here's how easy it is...just get yourself a wooden box, line it, fill it with compost and off you go…

Onions shallots and garlic
Plant in rows 10-12 inches apart with 3-4 inches between each one, pointed end uppermost, tip just visible.

Carrots and salad greens
Sow sparingly to avoid the need for thinning, in drills 1cm deep with 6 inches
between the rows.
Cover with thin layer of soil.

Plant 12 inches apart.

Keep indoors until early summer.
Then plant outdoors 18 inches apart.