Thursday, April 16, 2015

Notes from the Garden: March 2015 - 1st & 2nd Classes

1st and 2nd Classes were gardening at the beginning of this month, helping to prune the fruit trees and apple trees so that we can get a good crop of apples, blackberries and raspberries this year. 

They also planted some primroses in some pots to liven up the patio area.

Junior and Senior Infants were also out planting their potatoes and lettuce seedlings which had done really well in the classrooms. Thanks to Mrs. Mc Dougald and Mrs. Mc Sweeney for watering them and keeping them alive! We should see some crops in June and the kids can bring them home for cooking.

Junior infants had a look at their hyathinths who were raising their heads now that the sun is out but not quite ready to go home…

Anyone at home interested in growing some vegetables, this is the time to do it! Even if you just put some lettuce seeds or herbs into a pot, keep it watered and in a sunny spot, you would be surprised how well they do!

Clare & the Gardening Team

Beautiful Hyacinths peeping up!