Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Notes from the Garden: May/June 2015

Caitriona and I did some necessary weeding with 3rd and 4th classes. The lettuce needed weeding to allow growth and we cleared out the old bulbs from the winter. The fruit cage was coming back to life so we cleaned up the beds and staked as necessary. The berry shrubs are looking green and lush.  The apple trees that we planted last year are flowering and so it is looking very good for us to get a yield of berries and apples this year.

Valerie and Caroline did some gardening with Junior and Senior Infants. They, at last, got to harvest some of the vegetables. The children dug up the potatoes with great excitement and glee as well as taking some healthy lettuce home.

They also managed to get the entire Junior and Senior Infants to plant sunflower seeds in a recycled yogurt pot and bring them home to grow in their own garden over the summer. It will be fun to see how everyone gets on and we are hoping to get lots of photos of their tall sunflowers in September.

Have a lovely summer and see you all in the new school year!

Clare O'Callaghan