Sunday, November 1, 2015

Notes from the Garden: September/ October 2015

The Garden Committee went in at the beginning of September to do a quick tidy up in the vegetable area and fruit tree area. There is still no fruit on the blackberry and raspberry trees as it will take a few years for the young trees to produce. The new apple trees have produced some apples which was nice to see.

Valerie and Caroline were gardening with 3rd and 4th Classes at the beginning of October. These classes are looking after the fruit trees in the garden this year. They pruned the apple trees and fruit trees back in order to allow it grow well in spring. They added manure to the base of the trees to feed  them and also protect the roots from frost during the winter. It is the perfect time to put down bulbs and so they planted daffodils near the fruit trees to encourage bees. They also added manure to our fantastic rhubarb crop which does really well every year.

Jane, Vanessa and I gardened with 1st and 2nd classes at the end of October. The theme for these classes is “Insect Life” in the garden and how they help nuture it. We made insect hotels out of pumpkins for a warm place for the small animals to keep warm in the winter. We also planted daffodils for the spring time.

Clare O'Callaghan